Blackmountain Primary School

A School For You


In BMPS we love music and have many opportunities for the pupils to take part in musical activities throughout their school career. This includes:

  • Weekly music sessions in our music room which is stocked with a range of instruments
  • Music Makers and Music Mornings (P2 and P4 respectively) - these are events which take place in the School of Music which our pupils attend alongside pupils from other schools from around the country, where they sing and perform songs (including their own musical compositions!)
  • African Drumming - Key stage 2 pupils will take part in a 10 week course in African Drumming which is also facilitated by the School of Music. The pupils learn to play together and at the end of the course they perform what they have learned for the other classes
  • School Choir - we have a very successful school choir which performs at various events throughout the school year, including carol singing for local care home residents, school events and competitions. We have won some awards in the past and intend to win some more in the future!
  • Recorder and Ukulele - are offered in Key Stage 2
  • School Concerts - At BMPS we take Christmas very seriously and always put on a big show just before the Christmas Holidays. All classes will take part in a concert.